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Wanhao @ Marriott Hotel


Headed to Wanhao for lunch one weekend as all of us were craving chinese. Reservations are highly recommended if you want to nab a cosy corner seat or risk being given a random table out in the open. Dimsum comes in portions of 2 pieces but they can be ordered to the number of pax per table.


Table shots.


Roasted cashews...a healthier alternative to oily peanuts.


Char Siew Sou ($3.60/2pcs)


Flashes of the buffet came screaming back the moment I bit into the pastry. At least it was cooked this time round yet the familiar soft as can be pastry with sweet char siew came flooding back. Still not a fan.


Steamed Char Siew Pau with Oyster Sauce ($3.60/2 pcs)

Not variantly different from the pastry, the pau bread was fluffy and sweet lacking in bite...the same old sweet char siew filling which I did not fancy.


Pumpkin Pudding

Skip it, please.


Black Bean Pork ($3.60/portion)



Crispy Roast Pork Belly ($20)*

This has become a must order each time I visit a chinese restaurant. A proper judge of the chef's skills perhaps. Loved the crunchy skin! Take it whole and let the juices overflow, fats, cackling...meat..all of which comes together quite brilliantly. The proportion of fats here is a tad more here, hence the oilier finish. Not mindblowing but I loved it enough.


Poached Live Prawns with  Seasonal Greens and Wolfberries in Shark's Bone Consomme ($20)*

Shark's Bone Consomme was what I was looking forward to. Unlike most cantonese soups, this lacked a certain oomph about it. Otherwise, the fresh prawns were finger licking yummy.


Wok-fried Beef Tenderloin topped with Light Wasabi Sauce  served with Chilled Fresh Pear Marinated in Sour Plum ($20)*


Over tenderised.
Wasabi was really light.
Chilled pear reeked of vanilla essence.
'Nuff said.


Oven-baked Sea Perch Fillet with Chinese Ham in Pineapple Sauce ($18 per person)*

Lovely presentation...looks quite a bit like an octopus with the french beans. Unctuous bites of sea perch, always thought of perch as the distant (and cheaper) cousin of cod! Either way, both are yummy fish. Pineapple sauce was a nice tweak, tasted quite like assam.


Stewed Eefu Noodles with Duck and Eggplant ($20)

Two options for eefu noodles, duck and eggplant or seafood. We decided to try something different. Well worth the gamble! Didn't think duck and eggplant go so well together. Noodles were a tad oily but we emptied our bowls all the same.

* Chef's reccommendations

Of the chef's reccommendations, I only agree with the pork belly being outstanding. Wanhao didn't wow during the buffet, barely wowed during ala carte. Not returning so soon.

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