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Tung Lok Signatures @ Vivocity

The first lo hei session well ahead of Chinese New Year at Tung Lok Signatures and it was packed with people. One week before CNY, crowds are such a common sight. I do not even dare to venture into Chinatown at this rate.

tunglok signatures

Longer chopsticks made for tossing of yusheng!


Treasure Platter "Yu Sheng"

The first lo-hei always tastes good, this was no exception.

shark's fin bowl

Braised Shark's Fin with Crab Meat and Shredded Fish

Let's just say this had all the rich good stuff inside without coming across as too gooey.

shark's fin

With all the "save the sharks" protests going on, I am one rebel.
scallops w lily bulb

Sauteed Scallops with Asparagus and Lily Bulbs in X.O.

Adored the appetizing dish! Plump scallops with lily bulbs that had a starchy texture, they could pass off as yam anytime!

soon hock

Steamed Live Soon Hock Fish in Traditional Style

Surprised to find sliced pork in this dish. Fish was a tad soft though it was undoubtedly really fresh.

hoe see fatt choy

Braised Dried Oysters with Fresh Prawns, Black Moss and Vegetables

Not a fan of artificially enhanced prawns ever and this had it. Lacked the full bodiedness of a dish stewed over days which my Mom does so beautifully.

kampung chicken with ginger

Chilled Kampong Chicken with Ginger Paste

Strange but Five Star could pull of kampong chicken with more bite yet this dish was executed quite well. Served cold, I adored the ginger paste that left a lovely lingering aftertaste.

truffle eefu noodles

Braised Ee-fu Noodles with Snow Fungus and Truffle Fungus Oil

Truffle fungus oil made it tick, at least from the sound of it. A really sorry rendition of eefu noodles which tasted just like yee mian. Barely a trace of truffle oil, or perhaps truffle fungus oil and truffle oil are not the same thing!

chilled aloe vera dessert2

Chilled Snow Lotus Seeds with Aloe Vera and “Gui Hua” Honey

A change from red bean soup or mango pudding, this arrived looking like hashima. This had gooey clumps of colourless jell-o and aloe vera cubes. Moderately sweet dessert which ended the meal quite nicely.

Unimpressed by Tunglok, pretty ordinary fare.

Tunglok Signatures
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