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Lei Garden @ Chijmes


Instead of the usual Christmas brunch with eggs benny and smoked salmon, we headed dimsumdollies this time. Reservations are mighty encouraged as the place is packed over weekends. I spotted a couple of foreigners which I reckon came from hearsay.


Yumcha time!


There's something colonial that made yumcha at Lei Garden like Royal China..


Sheets that worsens hunger.


Duo of chopsticks for whatever reason I've yet to discover.


Barbequed Roasted Pork ($13.80)

Hooked onto roasted pork, this joins the stables of must order. Puny could be an understatement even to describe them. Measuring 1.5cm x 1.5cm, each morsel was pricey. Crispy layer with jellied fatty pork beneath. Dunk in their tangy sour-spicy mustard sauce, I did not mind it too much. Not too huge a fan of jellied pork, unfortunately.


Steamed Fresh Shrimps Dumpling ($4.80)

Fresh but did not wow. 


Steamed Pork Dumpling with Black Mushroom ($4.30)

Lacked the wow factor once again.


Steamed Custard Bun with Salted Egg Yolk ($3.80)

Chocolate swirl buns that exuded a lovely fragrance as I did the rudimentary peeling of the bun to rate its ooze-factor.


Ooze it did but the taste gave this away. The custard was too sweet while salted egg was barely discernible.


Steamed BBQ Honey Pork Bun ($4.80)

"Those that ought to flow did not, those that ought not to did". That roughly sums it up.


The sauces flowed out the way my egg yolk custard bun should have. Found it too watery and pau bread a tad too soft.

scallop cheong fun

Steamed Cheong Fun with Scallop ($4.80)

The most decent of the lot. Unlike Paradise Dynasty's silken smooth skin, this was alot fimer but kudos given to the fresh plump scallops.


Deep fried Taro Dumpling with Minced Chicken ($4.30)


The first taro dumpling eaten that barely has any mashed taro within. Simply put, it was a yam shell stuffed with minced chicken.


Rainbow Egg and Shredded Pork Porridge ($5.80)

Not too bad.


Baked Mini Egg Tarts ($3.80)

Neither a Tai Cheong or Lord's Stow here, this was oh-kay kind of alright. In all its bite-size morsel, it was nothing spectacular.


Ma Lai Goh

Painfully dry.

wagyu beef

Deepfried Wagyu Beef Roll with Black Pepper Sauce ($8)

Daily special of wagyu, I lept at the opportunity. Thinking it was cubes of pan seared wagyu beef, I made an order without thinking twice. A fried springroll stuffed with potatoes and wagyu beef, it was an utter letdown. Finding wagyu beef was harder than finding nemo, do not bother with this.

Once upon a time, I ranked Lei Garden's fried rice as the best.I was half hearted about ordering a plate but after such a lacklustre performance, I was put off completely. There are better dimsum options just across the road at Royal China. Why oh why did we not go back to the familiar favourite?

Lei Garden

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  1. I lol-ed at the finding nemo =)

    My guess for the chopsticks is that one is 公筷, and another 私筷. Then again, its wierd to have one 公筷 each. haha

  2. haha! and what is 公筷 and 私筷? completely lost in chinese table settings!

  3. ooh, 公筷 is like "common chopsticks" eh, you kiap the food from the dish to your plate using the common one, then eat with the personal one. =)

  4. Phoebe, 公筷 is for you to pick food from the shared dishes and 私筷 is for you to eat food from your own plate. haha I spy deep fried crispy century skin on the menu. What's that... sounds old lol.

  5. @ daniel & ice: *ashamed* HAHAHA, now I know! actually how do you tell? The one closer to you is 私筷? Deep fried crispy century skin...*shudders* luckily i wasn't adventurous...wouldn't be worth the while, anyway!

  6. haha now you got me! I think the black one is 公筷 since it is easier to distinguish.

    Mmmm.. I got family friends who swears by Lei Garden, going for lunch and dinner every week without fail. Oh well, personal preference eh!

  7. @ daniel: hee. ok, im well informed now! :P

    I've also got frds who swear by Lei Garden too...should thk their ala carte mains fares better than dimsum. Their fried rice is really awesome (in my memory!).

  8. Daniel, on the contrary I think the white pair is the 公筷 coz they are longer lolx. Makes more sense to be eating with the shorter pair no? haha. Morever the black pair is placed closer to the diner.