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La Villa @ River Valley Road

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It was one of those days where the moons and stars align that I was surprised for dinner with the clue "You wouldn't travel so far for food."

Well, technically not true since I'd go anywhere for food! Anyhow, La Villa we went! Located not too far away from Great World City, the accessibility of this place is limited but then again, cabs are just a holler away.


There's a choice of indoor or outdoor sitting. Indoor is a tad cosier with the warm lights while outside makes you feel you're dining in someone's backyard.


Freshly baked!


Breadbasket sprung quite a few surprises with what looked like pizza slices but tasted like dry naan bread, multigrain bread and ciabatta. Personal favourite goes to ciabatta.


Balsamic vinegar and olive oil...


Or rock hard butter?


Parma ($22)
Tomato, Mozzarella, Parma Ham, Rucola Salad, Shaved Parmesan

Their pizzas come in 20" which feed two more than comfortably. Seeing they have an open concept kitchen and spying pizzas being wood fired excited me already. Thin crusted with the fluory of ingredients laid on top, this was nice not great. It could be the bread that fell short of expectations, instead of my preferred chewy bread..this was leaning more towards a cracker at the edges and dense bread towards the middle.


Cappellini ($26, Large) 
Angel hair Pasta with Lobster Ragout, "Sardinia" style

The only other place I attempted cappellini was at Iggy's, though I must add..I'm really not comparing. Well, just the texture of pasta! :P I blurted out "Looks like meesiam" when it was placed on the table. Capellini tasted just like mee sua, in fact the dish tasted like mee sua tossed in tomato sauce. Fresh lobster came with the pasta. It could be the flavours but Iggy's pulled it off more brilliantly, the latter's pasta had a tad more bite.

Of the pizza and pasta attempted, I'm still a fan of the pasta.

Service is warm and attentive. I really wish I had time and space for dessert but next time perhaps? Their set lunches are screaming value for money at $26++. Was I surprised? Not by the food.

La Villa
341 River Valley Road

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