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Gelare @ Vivocity

gelare vivo

Gelare replaces a nut house (sounds odd saying that...but it was a place setting nuts) at Vivocity. Not sure where Gelare has whittled to but welcome back to the icecream scene!

gelare promo

1-for-1 promotion which swerved us in its direction.Only valid at Vivo and Changi terminal.

incredibly smooth

The promise made.


Rum and Raisin, Mango

Okay, Gelare lived up to its promise of "smooth and thick", quite a decadent after dinner fix and richer than it used to be. Rum and Raisin's a tad sweet without the oomph while Mango was a decent. YET, I'm totally abhoring the ice shards found. Until they improve...I'm still a hardcore Icecream chef-Australian NewZealand fan.

$4.60 for 2 cups
Valid Mon-Fri except Tue
Only at Vivo/Changi Airport Terminal 2


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