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Vin Nah Restaurant @ Macau

Fat Siu Lau would have been my choice for Portugese food but we ended up at Vin Nah instead. It was right smack in the Grand Pix fever. Inspite of claims that it was "fully booked", the kitchen was already fumbling with broken glasses and frazzled staff who exclaimed they have never been so busy before.

vin nah interior

Loved the whole feel of the if I were dining in someone's vineyard.

A choice of red wine or juice to start off the meal. The wine was so acidic, it would have burnt a hole in my stomach walls if I emptied the glass.


Flattened bread rolls to ease the hunger pangs.

corn soup

Seafood soup that cannot get more homemade than this.


The simplest salad ever put together with two slices of tomato, a sprig of onion rings and a bed of lettuce, sans dressing.


Perch, supposedly the restaurant's signature. Mushy was its tragic end.


Steak for me and it left me speechless. Too salty for comfort.Done-ness was asked as part of protocol since they all arrived cooked the same way.

longan jelly

For once, I was glad the meal was drawing to an end. Longan jelly, the most delish of the meal.

I say, portugese food in my memory should not be as shellshocking as experienced.One thing though, avoid Vin Nah please.

Vin Nah Restaurant 

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