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Cold Storage Dessert Takeaways

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As a child, I was already a greedygoose.
I would clamor for something to eat every single visit to the supermart.
It could be a pack of biscuits or a bottle of juice.
Each time I'd have chomped them all down before we even paid up.
And the cashier would give an incredulous and obviously suppressed giggle when my Dad passed over the empty wrapper or bottle to scan.

Years went by and supermarts included hot items on the grill...
I remember corn dogs, pork ribs and chicken legs..
Tried them too!

The latest would have to be off the rack desserts.
When they first appeared at Cold Storage, I was almost tempted.


American Cheese, Carrot Cheese, Hazelnut Royaltine, American Brownie
These bite sized morsels are perfect for the indecisive.
Let's just say, when they are cut to such portions...dryness is inevitable.
Cheesecake was probably the best of the lot.

$3.90 for 2

Cold Storage Takeaway

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