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Rocky Masters...Budget Brunch

Sunday Brunch is fast becoming a regular for the family..the perils of educating the parents on brunching and they gamely look forward to brunch now every Sunday!

Chicken Pottie Pie ($5)

Thin buttery layers of pastry capping an aluminium container's worth of chicken broth. This would pass off as decent.

Pizzas ($5.50 each)


Very homemade but I'm not complaining...! Vegetarian pizzas hardly appeal so my vote goes to Beef, the portions contain the sin-factor in a minimum. Great for single consumption.

Potato Wedges ($4.90)

Never can resist them wedges, despite knowing fully well they are frozen food.

Regular brunchfare without the fuss and pomp (think traipsing horses or lush greenery)...Rocky Master is as modest as can be.

Rocky Masters

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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