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Ion Sky Dazzles?

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style men

It was Marc Jacob's night with the launch of their latest cologne BANG, in collaboration with Style Men and Ion Sky.
Truth be told, I was there for Ion Sky, more than anything thing else.
 Being a sucker for night views from high up (of late), I honestly could not refuse when the invite came.

55 storeys above.

The usual flashes of backdrop photos were taken.
Yummy looking guys were parading and scent-sationalizing the night.

I was more keen on the night view.
Not quite breathtaking the manner I was expecting, just beautiful.
A pity the photos did not just imagine!

They do have a device that allows you to scrutinize the buildings intrusion of privacy?

apple vodka

Cocktails are a must.
I was probably hoping the night view would be more attractive after a dose of blurring the senses.

Apple vodkas.

lychee vodka

Lychee Martini's cousin.

Amidst the rounds of fruit beers, perrier water and vodka concoctions and bubbly talk going around, I was hungry.

raw beef

Nibbles were straight from the kitchen of Salt Grill by Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan, a yet to be opened eatery.
These were served tapas-style with walking butlers.

Raw beef served on crackers, in the plainest way.
I adore my raw beef carpaccio, I adore this the same way.

raw tuna salt grill

Then the spoons of tuna delight.
I gave up trying to strain the ears for the full description amidst the pounding music and crazy bantering.

The morsels served up got repetitive after awhile and then it wasn't long before I realise the tapas line up for the night.

Raw Beef on Cracker
Seared Scallops with mayo
Truffle Pastry

Strawberry Creme Tart
Chocolate Truffles

Too much raw food for the night.

The only celebrity stardust encountered was Hossan Leong.
Starry-eyed not, for sure.

For frivolity's sake, the escalator up to Ion Sky tracks your journey by lighting up in parts.
Ok, I was probably slightly tipsy to even marvel at it.

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  1. I saw that picture of you and Chloe and you both look fabulous! :)

  2. thanks lorraine, we think it's the photog! *chuckles*