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Donna Manis Revisited @ Katong Shopping Center

9:50 AM 2 Comments

banana pie whole

I cannot believe I once scoffed at this.
In fact, I was hesitant to take a slice when offered.

donna manis banana pie

A tart base so crispy and crumbly, I regret to inform I will retract the verdict once bestowed on this humble pie.
Banana Pie stuffed with so many bananas I wonder how many bananas went into it.
The coconut bits scattered on top gave it a lovely finish.
A major major plus point goes to the moderate sweetness that the baker thoughtfully managed.

I have plans for a banana pie party, already.
$2 for a slice of banana-rama?

Donna Manis
Katong Shopping Center

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. looks like i've got to give this a try sometime! was there any custard in the pie, or did the filling purely comprise of bananas?

  2. yes please do!! :) Nope, just bananas.