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Dome @ Shaw House

Dome cafe at Shaw House has camped around for the longest long, I don't even know where to start. It always struck me as the cafe in a corner that joins the ranks of Starbucks, Coffeebean and perhaps TCC that once only focused on beverages but have since ventured into food as well!

Modelled after a cafe somewhere foreign (at least it felt that way inside, by the windows), it felt a tad oldschool with the benches, tables and probably lamps.


Wing Zing ($8.50)

It was a completely perfect 10 "Har Jeong Gai" (Prawn Paste Chicken) moment with the crispy skin-tender meat winglets and drumlets dunked in Thai Chilli Sauce. Finger-licking-squawking-good!


Roast Beef Sandwich ($11.50)
Roasted Beef, Piccalilli, Roasted Mushroom, Capsicum, Fresh Tomato

I had mine toasted and on ciabatta. These looked like paninis, don't they? Filled with thinly sliced roast beef, lettuce and tomatoes, I liked it the moment the crunchy bread broke apart. A pity the roast beef was slightly tough. A flavourful sandwich though it does not fulfill in the "hearty" department. I can potentially find a better sandwich off the rack of Sun Moulin yet this was just decent. The second sandwich proved slightly less than decent though despite the yummy start.


Seafood Marinara ($13.90)
Tomato concasse with Tiger prawn, Squid and Dory Fish, topped with Parmesan Cheese
Less delightful than the sandwich somehow. Fresh seafood tossed into oodles of neverending pasta noodles.

Thoughtful fuss free service, Dome is an affordable food option along the stretch of outlets.

Shaw House
Lvl 4

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  1. oh try their risotto if you can, it's cheesy and gooey and good!:)