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Capricci @ Tanjong Pagar Rd

I've walked past Capricci so many times, I thought the interior would be the way I envisioned it to be..behind the curtains and blinds. We were greeted warmly at the door, all smiles and hospitality and shown to the "Red Room" which is considered VIP as we later found out.

interior capricci

The warm hues of lighting and cosy surrounding made Capricci an uber comfy place to be in for dinner, drinks and possibly the whole night long.

white truffle menu

Hungrygowhere's October set dinner was clearly presented to us with some exclusions that top ups are required. We were gently forewarned the portions would not be the same as ala carte and I brushed it aside. How much smaller can it be, anyway?


Complimentary Foccacia bread was served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Soft fluffy bread bites which helped curb the hunger.

asparagus souffle

Asparagus Souffle with Mascarpone Sauce 

Lauded as a must try on hgw, I had to give it a go. Simply a vegetable pudding drizzled with mascarpone sauce. Personally did not find it my kind of favourite, not too sure which part of souffle this fulfilled. Slightly too salty and the indigestible bits of asparagus gave this souffle a coarse texture at some points.

green pea

Soup of the day - Green Pea Soup

The high salt level continued with this, wasn't as hearty as the Dutch favourite.

wild mushroom

Wild Mushroom Soup

Less flavourful as the green pea, quite a watered down mushroom soup.

lobster pasta

Homemade Tagliolini with Lobster and Cherry Tomato

This proved to be the most worthwhile in terms of portions for the set dinner. Slurpworthy oodles of pasta doused in tomato sauce. Pity this was a tad sweet but it was really not bad.

white truffle pasta

Fettucine with White Truffle ($35, $6 per gram of white truffle)

It's the white truffle season, or "white gold" as ominous as it sounds to the superstititious. White truffles are fungi and well trained hogs are used to hunt them down.

I dig truffle fries for the awesome love-or-hate fragrance. After seeing the chef at Otto grace each table to shave truffles, I was already half tempted to try out this seasonal visitor. Capricci's chef did not shave nor weigh the truffles..not that it would have made a huge difference but it would have been part of the experience at least.

Shaved so fine, $18 worth of truffles disappeared into the cream based fettucine in a jiffy. Light hints of truffle despite the shavings, I was disappointed. Maybe truffle oil works better or maybe I was expecting a confrontational explosion of fragrance.

Yummy pasta but that was it, nothing too spectacular though.


Grilled Cod Fish Fillet in Cream of Carrot and Mash Potato

As much as we were already mentally prepared for reduced portions, I was still takenaback when it arrived. Despite the miniscule portion, the cod was well done and we all enjoyed it. 


Sliced grilled Tenderloin served with Rocket Salad and shaved Parmesan Cheese

And when I thought the cod could not get any smaller, my tenderloin was enough for 5 bites in all. However, the tenderloin was well worth those five bites...juicy, beefy and done just right! I find it unacceptable when beef is overcooked, especially when the universal beef language applies.

The peppercorn seeds and mashed potato were uber yummy together. Loved the starchy consistency of the mash.

Now I get what they mean by good things come in small packages.

suckling pig

Oven Baked Suckling Pig Sadinia Style with Potatoes (+$10)

For an additional 10 buckeroos, you get your mains upgraded to normal portions. Quite a mind game ain't it!

A bed of mashed potato with shredded pork and a square of cackling placed above. Thought this was more than decent with the well marinated pork and just the right portion! A different take on the usual chinese suckling pig.

pistachio crusted lamb

Pistachio crusted Lamb cutlets with Limoncello cream, served with Green Salad (+$10)

Did not get to try but when you see someone eating it down to the has to be good.

panna cotta

Panna Cotta with Strawberry Coulis

This was highly recommended along with bounette and tiramisu as their signatures. Let's just say this proved the best for the night.

Wobbly pudding with an irresistible texture and could panna cotta ever taste so good! An unainimous favourite.


Semifreddo with Hazelnuts

The gf was chided for wanting a scoop of gelato over this icecream cake. Too sweet it was for me, just hazelnut gelato at best.

choco mousse

Cocoa Cream Caramel Pudding with Amaretti 

Also known as Bounette, this fell short of expectations since it was "signature". Looked like my asparagus souffle with the pudding texture. Not a table favourite either.



Quipped and "voted as the best tiramisu" by the waiter, our interest was piqued. A rather mild flavoured tiramisu, it was more cocoa than coffee though.  This portion was given complimentary by the kitchen for the birthday girl, roughly double the size of the set dinner dessert.

Attentive service and appropriate recommendations were dished out, as much as taste is truly subjective. It was nice of the boss to make his round and ensure things were alright, aircon temperature was bearable.

Go for the set dinner for a taste of what Capricci offers, that being said..the portions are barely enough for a lady diner much less a guy. We ended the meal stuffed from the bread and dessert, particularly.

Set Dinner $29++

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