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Baits by Ding Tai Feng @ Resorts World Sentosa

Bait at RWS for lunch beyond the usual 1km radius of the office, largely because the company wanted to check out Candylicious. Candylicious is such a major tease, almost living a kid's candy dream. I have a nagging feeling if I really indulged, I could potentially earn myself a lifetime membership. Anyhow it was to Bait for lunch!

Upon entering, we had our first taste of bad service with the waitress shooing us back outside to "queue" and wait to be called. After being shown our table, an over zealous waiter was utmost quick to take our orders. "$1 for warm water and cold water, $1.20 for hot tea." was his opening line, all said in a straight face. We could do with a little bit more warmth actually.


Xiao Long Bao

This is possibly the closest we have to Michelin way before celebrity chefs carved their niche here. I still slurp in awe of their impossibly thin skin and droolworthy meat ball and broth.

stir fried ladys finger

Stir Fried Ladies Finger

I'd consider the portion a tad small but good things do come in small packages right? Sliced so fine, this ladies finger dish did not have the starchy remnants that tickles the throat so much, found this yummy with fried shrimp. Perfecto with a bowl of steaming rice.

pork chop

Pork Chop

pork ribs

Bittergourd with Pork Rib

Yet another nicely executed dish with meaty ribs and equally delish bittergourd slices, mushrooms and carrots. Hearty home cooked fare, this reminded me of.

prawn paste chicken

Prawn Paste Chicken

I'm hardly one who enjoys skin of any meat that much, yes...I'll take extra caution to weed off the chicken/duck skin, unless it's roasted so dry. The only exceptions have been made for roast geese from Hongkong but this particular prawn paste chicken had me chewing it meat and skin. Thankfully the oil level was bearable but I liked this enough to wish the portions were bigger.

Dessert is usually a must and the tolerable wait for dessert is perhaps 15 minutes? Baits tested our patience so, with at least 30 minutes and having the desserts arriving at odd intervals. Does not help that the chef would chirpily greet "你好" to  table of poker-faced bored to bits diners.

yam paste with vanilla ice

Yam Paste with Icecream

The companions had this. One main grouse; the plastic spoon that was distinctively an oddball.

longeivity buns

Mini Longeivity Bun (7 pcs, $7.50)
Sweet red bean paste imported from Taiwan

As part of their celebratory menu, Din Tai Feng celebrates their anniversary with longeivity buns! The buns had a huat-kueh texture and the smoothest-softest red bean filling. Surprise-surprise! Was not lotus paste and not too fact, I'm loving this healthy version.

Yam Paste Xiao Long Bao
This took quite nearly eternity, workmanship of these hand moulded pastries were sub par. Not that I bothered with the 18 folds that Din Tai Feng is uber proud of. Tasted just like xiao long bao with yam paste. Nothing extraordinary but I do like how their desserts are toned down in sweetness.

Service is painfully obnoxious unfortunately at a location with high tourist traffic. if I may add...possibly one of the worst of Din Tai Feng's outlets. Baits did please with delightful tze char fare but I'm not sure if I'm willing to trade good food for lousy service yet.
Baits by Din Tai Feng
Resorts World Sentosa

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