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Wendy's @ Liat Towers

New additions in the fastfood scene always excite me. Wendy's probably is not new anymore but it took me quite awhile to muster enough guts to attempt this after the numerous unfavourable reviews. Wendy's replaces Burger King, word has it that Wendy's will replace BK in time to come. Hearsay or not, I'm filling up on my favourite Mushroom Swiss burgers till that happens!


1/4 Pound Single ($5)

Square patties make their burger different, mine was barely square though..just angular.

 1/4 pounder

Juicy it ain't, it did pass the meaty department though. Better than Mcdonalds' Quarterpounder, not as good as Carl's Junior. Somewhere nicely in between it sits. The bread leaves me little to rave about though as a whole it was tasty and surprisingly not over the top salty.


Fried Chicken Combo ($7.50)

I had my reservations on this since most fastfood joints tend to want a share in every saleable item from pies to fries to nuggets and definitely beef burgers. These resembled prawn paste chicken from the orange hues.

baked potato

Cheese and Cheese Baked Potato ($3.50)

One of the mushiest baked potato ever that combines both baked potato and mashed potato all in one. For a nano-second I wished cinema nacho chips were drizzled with the cheese here!
beef chilli

Chili Beef ($2.70)

Move over Carl's Junior's Chilli Cheese Fries, meet the heavyweight packed with beef chunks and red peppers, I could honestly eat this on its own...or even as soup!
Not too pleased with the queue system they have and obviously inexperienced staff who did not seem to gasp what fastfood service is all about. Make some haste at least.

A different kind of fastfood altogether, somehow the MSG did not get to me so bad like the rest. Strange or not, I actually liked everything else apart from their famed square patty burgers.

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  1. No way is Wendy's going to replace BK!! I will sign a petition & protest!