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Wedding Lunch @ Four Seasons Hotel

My heartiest congratulations to yet another pair who's decided to jump into a new chapter, M. Venue this time round was at Four Seasons Hotel, an understated hotel in Orchard.

coutesy of absolut

Bottles of these frozen in ice-cubes...nice!


Never too early to be intoxicated.

martini tower

There was a choice of appletini or lycheetini, both are potent delicious drinks though not as lethal as Morton's. Only appletini gets the lovely ride down the ice sculpture into your glass, chilled. Lycheetini is pre-mixed. Adored the novelty and thoughtfulness of the couple...something different from the usual staples of beer and soft drinks.


Spy the first of several martini glasses that were to follow.

made in candy

Made in Candy rock candies, part one of wedding favour.

four seasons chocs

And part two goes to heart shaped lovey dovey chocolates. Sugar rush before you get engulfed in the love. Decadence captured in chocolate shells and filled with rich chocolate mousse.

all in!

Combination Platter (Jellyfish, Wasabi Prawn Roll, Smoked Black Pepper Duck, Drunken Chicken and Prawns Salad)

Cold dish never looked more appetizing eh! By this time we were ravenous but the waitress still went through the motion of proportioning the food..

cold dish

I found the cold dish platter tasty. The usual fare of prawn salad, jelly fish and wasabi prawn roll (that tasted like nori wrapped ngoh hiang) made its entrance but what I particularly loved was the uber fragrant smoked duck and crunchy crackers. Pity the waitress did not tease about the yam fried basket..that would have been yummy.


Bowls and bowls of...slurpworthy goodness.

sharks fin

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat in Superior Broth

Shark's fin soup not for the animal activists. 'Nuff said.


Roasted Crispy Chicken with Chinese Five Spices

Roast chicken with crackers, rather ordinary.

cod with green ginger

Steamed Cod fish with marinated Green Ginger

Not sure if green ginger is the best accompaniment for this but mad loved the fresh cod fish fillets. Fishy is beyond unforgivable especially for cod so kudos to the Four Seasons kitchen!

spare ribs and ngoh hiang

Combination of Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Champagne Sauce and Crab Meat "Pearl" served with Thai Chilli Sauce

Spy a familiar repeat of the nori wrapped ngoh hiang? Not too high on the ngor hiang but the one that stole the limelight was the spareribs! So well flavoured and smoked, I relished the melt-worthy pork and sauces. Easy to eat without the rib bone..I just wish they gave more portions!


Braised Black Mushrooms with Shanghai Greens and Sea Whelk

I'm a veggie fan but this put be off, the wretched aftertaste that made it rancid. The worst of the meal, unfortunately.


Braised Eefu Noodles with Assorted Seafood

Eefu noodles with a different texture unlike those ever tasted. On the bland side and that somewhat disappointed me, after all the marvellous executions and delightful dishes served up. That being said, I'd choose bland noodles over soggy ones anyday.


Sweet Symphony with Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Rose Petals with Morello Cherries Compote

A different take on dessert rather than Mango sago, red bean soup with dumplings and even orh nee. A lovely western twist to this, a sweet symphony! Pretty-ful display of chocolate shell with piped chocolate cream, sponge cake and one nicely sliced strawberry. I actually liked the cherry compote enough to scrap clean R's portion.

Having the waitresses accord the dishes made eating easy though that delayed the satisfaction by quite a bit. A simple and sweet affair, Four Seasons surprises with more than decent wedding fare.

Four Seasons

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. There was one wedding dinner I remember attending where all the *greedy* girls at the table gobbled up the chocolate truffles wedding favor even before the dinner proper started lolx. We had 4 truffles each. I was one of those guilty ones haha. We were all hungry!

  2. hafta agree about the hungry bit!! I'm another of those greedygeese. :P