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Wedding Dinner @ Peach Garden, Orchid Country Club

The time of the year arrived for the first relative's wedding! It is a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that a particular kor that you grew up with is going to be someone's loving husband and doting father in future when all you can clearly remember is how he used to be that testosterone-charged-pimply young fella who'd be my idea of a pie kia. Before I even delve further with all the lil romantic things he did for the dear wife, congratulations I and P!

Dinner was at Peach Garden at Orchid Country Club.

U.L.U.fied, utmost. Save for a shuttle bus, there is absolutely zilch way of ever entering this transport-forsaken place. No doubt it is a lovely place complete with a golf course and bowling IS undeniably and inconveniently inaccessible.


The table laid for banquet complete with wedding favours of wife's biscuits. That is a first. It is no Hang Heung-Wing Wah but good enough to please the hunger pangs. Crispy layers check, winter melon filling check...I'll give the humble Wife's Biscuit a break.


Braised peanuts are my favourite appetizers next to achar.

Dinner began at 830pm despite cocktail starting at 7pm. Poor souls like us who reached bright and early at 4pm for solemnization were starved beyond measure and almost delirious by then. The appetizer arrived in the most cliche manner ever, envision a "lights off-music changes tempo" and a line of waitresses strut in. Oh yes, boring moment.


Peach Garden Deluxe Combination (Fresh Prawn Salad, Chilled Century Egg Terrine, Crispy Silver Bait with Plum Sauce, Baby Octopus, Mango Prawn Roll)

The prawn salad and crispy bait were worth seconds, though the bait baffled me. It was fried to such crispness you could not even taste the fish meat...not even a trace!

Century Egg Terrine was just savoury jelly.


Braised Baby Superior Shark's Fin with Fresh Crabmeat and Bamboo Pith

I should not rave about it, from an environmental aspect. I'd just add their rendition puts the hotels to shame.


Roasted Crispy Duck with Chinese "Dang Gui"

A different fowl dish! Loved the crispy skin most..the flavours were mostly captured in the skin than meat. Found the breast meat a tad tough and bland whilst the thigh had more flavours and juices.


Steamed Pa Ting Fish with Black Fungus and Lily Bulb

Steamed fish is the best way to cook fresh seafood. Particularly adored the lily bulbs.


Fried Prawn with Wasabe Salad Cream accompanied Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk

I love wasabi prawns, always a must order if it's the menu. Both versions were delish though I prefer the salted egg laden prawns. Not to mention, prawns were so fresh. I only wish they served this way earlier!


Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw and Seasonal Vegetables

Peach Garden's version of seasonal vegetables is broccoli which was undercooked for some while I found the crunchiness better. Thumbs down for the jelly sea cucumber and tasteless fish maw.


Fried Noodle with Seafood and Crabmeat Wrapped in Eggs Crepe

I thought the name sounded like Omu Rice, found at Takashimaya's Food Square. Bland noodles tossed in crab meat and wrapped in an egg omelette so thin.


Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo in Young Coconut

Finally the dessert that the cousin insisted I must try. No ordinary mango sago with pomelo, it was the young coconut flesh that made the huge difference! Scooping it from the husk got all of us so busy and intrigued with the dessert.

Average food, attentive service and awesome dessert.

Peach Garden
Orchid Country Club

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  1. They have a branch at novena right?

    I remember their pulut hitam with vanilla ice cream served in the same young coconut. Truly BLISS!A must-try too :D

  2. wow! it's a bit of a wedding month for you isn't it!

    lucky you!

    which one was your preference? Orchid Country Club or Four Seasons? And the Four Season looked amazing btw.

  3. @ oysterdiaries: yep they do! quite a few outlets actually...young coconut seems to be their signature eh? I'm gg to find a reason to head back for it. *hee*

    @ bennie: at my age, weddings frequent. (as often as I celebrate birthdays :() hehe, unlucky on the pocket! Definitely Four Seasons!! I'm looking at four seasons so differently now.