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Vanilla Bar and Cafe @ Boon Tat Street

vanilla shop house

Like The White Rabbit, it took me at least 3 attempts before I successfully made it there. R took extra effort to ensure it was not closed for yet another event and we got a table. Vanilla's been causing much buzz, amidst all the new cafes that have been mushrooming around the island.

vanilla bar and cafe

They could do with quirkier cutlery.


Upon entering, I already like it. Whiffs of vanilla essence welcome you as you step into their cosy shop. Disclaimer: You ought to be a vanilla essence fan to even tolerate a meal within. A friend commented on it being "too strong".

Daily specials!

chicken pasta

Pan fried Chicken with Pasta Arriabata ($13.90)

This came under their daily specials. Fairly well cooked oodles of spaghetti with a well grilled chicken breast. Flavours somehow did not blend in too well, found the chicken more outstanding.

smoked salmon egg mayo

Norwegian Smoked Salmon and Egg Mayo Sandwich ($8.90)

Listed as recommended. Two halves of flat toasted panini sandwiching egg mayo and smoked salmon. I like how this was crusty and toasty but I was certainly expecting more from egg mayo and smoked salmon. I could barely taste the salmon with the taste overshadowed by the egg mayo.

$6 fries

French Fries ($6)


Overpriced yet crispy thick cut fries that came with mayo, mustard and chilli sauce upon request. Not the cheapest and smartest option of an appetizer but it filled us quite well.

pot of..

Vanilla Dirt Cake ($8.50)

Yet another highly recommended item. Was somewhat surprised by the portion, expected it to be much bigger, given the price commanded. It was a visual tease with a flower and jelly worms tossed in to recreate a flower pot.

vanilla dirt cake

Top marks for creativity yet this was just vanilla cream with oreo bits. Not complaining here but I would naturally expect bites of sponge cake at least within or vanilla specks even. Otherwise, the novelty wore off after I scraped the pot clean.

Generally inexperienced staff, two of them were taking our orders and one had to double check with the other infront of us. It was a nice way to spend the evening with nice tasting food, just nice.

Vanilla Bar and Cafe
3 Boon Tat Street

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  1. I quite like the sandwich! Thought that the taste of smoked salmon was pretty strong. Hmmm.. Haha my frd and I were just so amazed by the dirt cake :)

  2. @ charlene: hmm, my frd tried this wk and felt that the egg mayo was too strong too..maybe they tweaked the recipe? hehehe, i checked out ur blog before heading down!!

  3. I'm really in love with that Vanilla Dirt Cake concept. I haven't tried it though. Hey you ate the orange worm. haha

  4. @ lorraine: so am i! but it's just novelty after eating one. :P hee, just i did..*chomp!*