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Otto Ristorante @ Red Dot Museum

With Part One, there's always Part Two of any celebration right? At this rate I'm going, I should officially start a month long worth of of celebration for myself next year! To otto we headed.


I never knew how popular Otto was for lunch until today, perhaps this is what dining (and hiding) behind brick walls is. Fully booked for lunch, the level of activity going on made me feel as if I was at if I was working during financial closings where pressure was turned on at full blast. I was ill-prepared for this unfortunately, half expecting a break from work and enjoy a leisurely lunch at least.


Bread was served promptly with a tray of 5 types; Olive, Cranberry, Onion, Foccacia and Walnut. Getting refills are nearly frowned upon.


All five had the same soft, chewy consistency but none stood out as exceptional. Jack of all, master of none?


I majorly adored the olive oil and balsamic vinegar though, strong with a punch.


Wish I could render the same appreciation for their pretty-fully piped butter which tasted more like whipped cream and butter than pure churned ones.


Courtesy of the chef.


Amuse Bouche of tomato emulsion that tasted miles and continents away from Iggy's.


Wagyu beef carpaccio served with arugula “La Fenice” style

L.O.V.E.D. it! Not so sure if carpaccio is the next bestest way to eat wagyu apart from pan frying it...but I majorly mad loved it.


The marbling wasn't fab but it was just SO good. Pity the arugala was a tad bitter but otherwise, the cream sauce and wagyu beef was simply...delicious.


Livorno style “Seafood soup” in light tomato broth

The tomato broth certainly lived up to "light", too light for me.


Chunks of scallop, squid and fish made this quite the seafood fantasy but that was about it.


Slow braised veal ravioli served with morel mushroom and thyme sauce

6 morsels of well made ravioli. I fell in love with how much attention was paid to making the perfect ravioli, the edges matched the jagged sides, it looked almost too pretty to eat. Smooth pasta sheets with cookie cutter cut ravioli...nomnom! The second time smooth pasta wowed me, the first went to Ristorante Bologna's Pappardelle Pasta.


Veal was mashed to almost pate tendency and stuffed into each. Delightful. Delicious. Definitely a must try! I loved how the flavours came together. Morel mushroom tasted like 木耳 though. 


Seared beef tenderloin with green asparagus Bassano style

This was heaven. The first time a non-beef place impressed so much. I finally realised what makes a good beef, the tenderness and beefyness about it.


The way it was seared on the pan, the juices that overflowed. Every bite was bliss. Green asapargus sliced thinly formed a yummy bed of greens.


Haitian vanilla crème brulee served with Vincotto marinated berries

The layer of creme brulee was the thinnest ever encountered.


The sweetness of the creme brulee was negated by the sour berries. Perfect match though it could have been more ideal with vanilla beans.


Part of the menu. As I nibbled my hazelnut cookie, I knew the end (of the meal) was near...that meant bouncing back to reality and piles of unfinished work. Well all good things have to come to an unceremonious end...right?

Service is attentive but I wasn't particularly impressed with the server attached to our table. I had informed of our taking the UOB Menu yet it was matched with a clueless server who was almost sure I was sprouting gibberish.Glasses were refilled promptly and the only time the dish was ever introduced was the amuse bouche.

The pace of the meal was poorly managed unfortunately, with the amuse bouche and appetizer presented almost back to back and the lapse thereafter was painfully long. During which we amused ourselves by watching the chef flash a grin at every table and trying to strike a conversation whilst shaving white truffles. Seems like a season for white truffles!

I like Otto enough for a return.

UOB Menu ($68++ for two)
Valid till 31 Oct 2010

Otto Ristorante
Red Dot Museum

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  1. i am also pleasantly surprised by this place. their lunch menus are quite worth it, if you are not the one paying.

  2. Otto's crème brulee has lots of vanilla beans! Simply divine! It's the best in my book, much better than APS's. I could eat this as my staple every meal.

    Otto is awesome.

  3. @ bh: uve tried??? their lunch menus are worth it even if im paying. heh.

    @ ice: oh? didn't see any. :x i love otto for other reasons. ;)

  4. oohhh..that UOB menu at OTTO is a value for money. The veal ravioli and nicely-cooked beef looked sumptuous. I also like how the description of main courses and the dessert went well with the shots. :) This is where you celebrated Chloe's bday? :)

  5. @ lorraine: yep, absolutely worth it! was hesitating btw this and their usual weekly set lunches. glad u enjoyed the post! hee, yup...2 meals to celebrate her birthday...otto and morton's. ;) I think we're just finding more excuses to eat.