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Mouth@Work @ Shaw Tower

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The name is already an attention grabber. I was salivating at the pictures of their molten egg yolk custard paus on the banner in one of those car rides.

The interior resembling a Hongkong style cafe.

Mouth at work? Bring it on.

Baked Egg Yolk Cream Bao ($4)

I mistook this for egg yolk custard bun when all it had was egg yolk. The po lo bun proved way too sweet. Pry open and be disappointed if you are expecting a burst of molten lava...peep into a hollow half filled bun. Oily and thick, the egg yolk was generously used. Not too big on their version.

Watch the oil drip!

Trying to mimic the same image that got me salivating.

SawDust Do Fa Pudding ($3)

Soyabean curd at first bite brought back memories of the instant beancurd dessert that Cathay provided and dusted with peanut powder. Wobbly and smooth, this was comparatively better.

Not wowed by their desserts...they do have dimsum as well though. I should have just hopped over to Tom's Palette for an ice-cream fix instead!

Shaw Tower

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  1. if im not wrong this is Shaw Tower not shaw centre. Shaw Tower is near middle road, where shaw centre is near orchard =x

  2. oops! thanks for pointing it out.