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Kyoho Grapes

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Grapes are one of those fruits that I have not stopped liking since the day I termed them "Bor-bor" (little balls in cantonese..I figure they reminded me of them then).

Some wiki-edication about this breed;

Kyoho is a slip-skin variety, meaning that the skin is easily separated from the fruit. Kyoho grapes are blackish-purple, or almost black, with large seeds. While the seeds are bitter and the skin is not traditionally eaten, the flesh is juicy with high sugar content and mild acidity. Kyoho grapes were first produced in 1942 in Shizuoka Prefecture, but were not so named until 1946. They are popular in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea for their size and very sweet flesh. They are traditionally served peeled as a dessert.

At first glance, I thought they resembled Korean Champagne grapes. Little juicy bulbs these were but not as fragrant nor fizzy as the korean equivalent. The skin does slip off real easy, just like the korean equivalents though. At this juncture, I regret to inform...I ate the skins down unwittingly. (That really calls for a celebration that I am still alive and kicking). Just for the record and maybe laughs!

Sold at NTUC Finest.

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  1. I love the winey taste of Kyoho grapes! I always buy the cheaper Taiwan variety from NTUC. Recently I bought the Korean Kyoho from Cold Storage on offer haha but they taste quite the same.

    The cheaper breed of Japan Kyoho grapes were also on offer at Cold Storage recently. They actually taste the same as the Taiwan Kyoho but skin thicker & twice as expensive even when on offer. I concluded that I will just stick with the Taiwan Kyoho. The real premium breed I see in Isetan supermart, for a punnet the same size, it costs about $50 when on offer, the most expensive ones are about $100. I only eat these at Japanese restaurants, albeit 2 of it only lolx.

  2. I wonder what makes the japanese breed so expensive! Kudos to the other countries for offering cheaper alternatives...I actually prefer the korean champagne grapes to these. :P

    Are those served in the jap restaurants sweeter than those fr the supermart?

  3. I find champagne grapes a chore to eat though. I haven't tried the $100 a punnet Japanese Kyoho grapes from the supermart but the ones I eat at Tatsuya are so terribly sweet & pricey they only serve a few in omakase.

  4. ahhhh ok, i guess that's why they only serve two! Lemme just save up for an omakase to try~ *chuckles*