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Hatched @ Evans Road


The company is a megawegachingchang of an egg fan and I thought Hatched would get the companion eggcited, egg-lated and best of all be egg-stra nice to me. All day brunch dining is nothing new these days with most of the new establishments going in the same direction as well.

egg catalogue

Designed like a comic, cute way of presenting a menu!


Check the chalkboard for daily specials.


BarBQ Drumlets ($10) to start off the meal, tasted just like char siew flavoured drumlets. The meat was too tough though.

freshly squeezed orange juice

The Usual Suspects ($10) comprised of your choice of 2 eggs (poached, sunny side up, boiled or scrambled), a choice of meat (ham, sausage or bacon), toast and a drink. Freshly squeezed orange juice was a pleasant surprise and turned out to be the best the meal had to offer, freshly squeezed indeed...liked the sweet-sour juice with pulp! Beats having off the box juice infact.

ordinary usual suspects

The hearty breakfast platter arrived with my eggs wonderfully poached, for once my tolerance for runny yolks and daffodil yellow reached an epic high.

usual suspects

I actually ate my runny eggs with such mess, I look back wincing. Pity the eggs were a tad tasteless, required a pinch of salt and pepper. Liked the chewy toast but not a fan of bland sausages. They could have added in baked beans for more taste.

 burly benedict

Burly Benedict ($16 for two) was no where near burly. Muffin bases with corned beef slapped on and two poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. While I'm no fan of sour hollandaise sauce, I thought Hatched's version of hollandaise was barely sour. Just cream sauce.

burly benny

The eggs were obviously cooked too long, I figure my poached eggs would have been a better candidate for Eggs Benny. The muffin was a tad too soggy which I found odd given that corned beef was not as saucy as to soak through the buns. Grilled tomato that came with it was possibly the hardest grilled tomato ever attempted.

Mediocrity is its name, you have to be an egg diehard to be egg-cited at least. We had no huge issues with waiting time as commented by the HGW reviewers. That being said, I had issues with the food arriving lukewarm. Nothing was served piping hot, the way breakfast should arrive. By the time I concluded the meal, the food was beyond cold. Service was warm and attentive which is something I appreciate in cafes.

$36 later and a night of mad snacking, I won't consider this value for money nor worthy of a return as yet.

The companion's response was neither of what I expected; egg-stonished.

Evans Road (next to The Wine Company)

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  1. Hmm.. Zhihao and I were planning to go there sometime next week.. Now i'm having second thoughts about it!

  2. heh...daniel liked it though. Personally I dont thk too highly of it's quite a distance from any public transport at all! 三思!!