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Glace Patisserie @ Icon Village

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glace trio

In a bid to surprise, the friend claimed these were "the best" from the online forums he'd be reading. I suppose he doesn't read my blog very much, else he'd have known I wanted to try Flor so much or even the K Ki obsession! Nonetheless, here's Glace after Chef Yamashita moved on.

strawb shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake ($4.80)

Not quite a fan still though the sponge was less coarse than the last attempt. Bland Strawberries, whipped cream and sponge cake, a seemingly too sweet to resist combination was just alright for me. No fireworks or even sparks though it was not soggy despite the layers.

mango rare cheese

Rare Cheese Mango ($4.80)

I found this too light with the barely there rare cheese layer with sponge. Wish the mangos were infused into the cake as well, rather than serving its ornamental purposes fully.

alpine berry

Berry Alphine ($5)

This looked different from Strawberry Shortcake but tasted better, strangely. The sponge was less dry here.

Glace Patisserie
12 Gopeng Street #01-33/34
Icon Village

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