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Durian Fudge Cake @ Hotel Rendezvous

11:56 AM 4 Comments

I've got a food secret to tell...

When Goodwood was the only stamp of quality for durian dessert, I had a go at Hotel Rendezvous' Durian Fudge and swore to return someday. The day came.


Only for the hardcore durian addicts.The fragrance that greets is hard to miss, hits you like a tidal wave and attempts to numb the senses.


This is a pure durian pulp cake, the only thing that qualifies  it as a cake is the thin sponge layer. Everything else is layers of durian. No fillers, just pulp. Durian fudge, the most decadent tribute ever paid to fudge cakes.  So rich, thick and pure, you may find a durian seed within even! Yes, we were that lucky.

The durian addicts in the family gave this thumbs and toes up, the best attempted. Move over Goodwood, find the King in Hotel Rendezvous.

Hotel Rendezvous

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  1. this hardcore durian fan loves rendezvous hotel's durian cake more than goodwood park's version too! i tried it at their buffet last year and helped myself to three slices despite being extremely stuffed :)

  2. ^5!! :) Goodwood shd just buck UP.

  3. That is strange.

    I tried it once during their buffet dinner last year but there is this kueh-like layer which I dislike and remember... Maybe I should get a slice to refresh my misunderstanding towards this cake...

  4. hmm...that's odd but I had that kueh-consistency gg on in last yr's goodwood durian mooncakes..

    yup! do give it another's my family's official fave nw. :)