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Bosses @ Vivocity

A visit to Bosses was possible entirely out of a whim. I remember saying I wanted to try it every time I walked past, even more so when the molten custard pau crazed binge started...never had the luck however.

Bosses stands out because of its brilliant choice of colour, black. Mysterious yet alluring. Enter and I was secretly hoping there was some tunnel of some sort.

Brushing away any association with the underworld triads, enter a warmly lit world of chinese cuisine.

Fried Fish Skin ($3.60) 

Fried so crisp, I could just give up crackers and chips for it.

Signature Molten Custard Pau ($5 for 3)

Hopes were sailing high for these as the foodies claimed in unison these were the bestest alive whilst terribly dissing Crystal Jade's. Does anyone know why these paus are always coloured orange?

Gingerly peeling off the top, say hello to a pau filled to the brim with egg yolk and custard. I applaud the chef's precision, the pau is bursting, quite nearly. I found this a weebit too molten, lacking in a certain richness. It was way too watery for a molten custard much so I ended up drinking the fillings as if it were a beverage. The rich egg yolk custard sediments had sunk to the bottom.

For the undainty guys, they ended up with oily icky fingers or a scorched tongue.

Crystal Jade still reigns, for me.

Friday's special: Steamed Tilapia with Pepper ($9.80)

Fresh water fish, or so I have been educated. Definitely the best of the night with a fish steamed to such tenderness. Not quite a fish fan but I adored it enough to carefully pick through the bones.

Shanghai Spicy Chicken ($14)

Red, hot, fiery is this Shanghainese dish made of largely dried chilli. Weed through the plate of dried chillis to find spicy hot fried chicken bites. Delicious though not for the faint tastebuds.

Drunken Yellow Chicken ($18)

Found this way over the limits of permissible oil despite the tasty chicken meat.

Twin flavour Prawns ($24); salted egg and wasabi mayo. Both flavours had me at hello, definitely made for the fickle. Alas, it was ordinary at best with soggy prawns and lacklustre flavours.

I take comfort in that the dish that surprised was the most unexpected, especially so when it is a "daily special". My initial thoughts were more of apprehension than anything else. Dinner was moderately good.

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  1. You know, the description "For the undainty guys, they ended up with oily icky fingers or a scorched tongue." somehow fits me all the time with these egg yolk custard buns haha.

  2. hahhaha..that probably sounds like every other guy I know! :P