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Birthday @ NUSS Guild House

NUSS Guild House, be it Kent Ridge or the Suntec outlet seems to be a hot favourite within the family for events. Not that I am complaining of course, given that the last couple of events held there were more than satisfactory. Back at Kent Ridge for the celebration of yet another lucky kiddo who turned a ripe old age of ONE! In my time, Mcdonalds' birthday parties were all the rage then. Or a family dinner at some seafood place at best, never quite a catered occasion.


Cutlery. So. Different.



Mesclun Salad with thousand island dressing, Raisin and Apricot Rice, Mango Chicken Salad

Tough vegetable leafs made my salad tragic. The raisin apricot rice and mango chicken salad were so overloaded with fruits, these appetizers were on the edge sweet.


Russett Potato Salad, Smoked Salmon

I for one, cannot tell a US potato from an Indonesian grade but potato salad in every form appeals.

Smoked salmon was amazingly! I only wish they had bread for me to put together a smoked salmon sandwich on the spot. I lost count of the number of salmon roses I consumed but it was raving mad delicious.

Hot Dishes


Prawn Paste Chicken

One of the more deserving mentions goes to Prawn Paste Chicken! Peel of the crispy skin to a layer of expected oil and there lies a tender bite. Finger licking so good, I think I had thirds.

Beef Rendang, Stir Fried Kai Lan, Szechuan Seafood, Herb Dory Fish

Beef Rendang grabbed the attention greatly with the herb fragrance and succulent beef chunks. The level of spiciness was simply sedap.


Hot Cheng Tng

Hearty oh-so-homemade.

Chocolate Mousse

I wish I took a snap of this though it looked utmost unglam in its splattered state once wrung from the ladle. Rich smooth mousse that even a non-chocoholic would gladly risk pimples for.




Assorted Nonya Kueh

Colourful desserts will be my downfall someday, I cannot resist rainbow coloured desserts especially...lights the plate up so much! The greatest pity is always taste that does not match the initial pleasure and it slowly dissolves into disappointment. Same goes for this, unfortunately.

Once again it's yet another satisfying makan session at NUSS Guild House, NUS guys are real lucky! So please make full use of your membership to uncover food gems within.

NUSS Guild House
Kent Ridge

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