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Au Petit Salut Revisited @ Dempsey Road

I knew I'd be back at Dempsey soon enough after declaring it my favourite hangout joint, much to R's chagrin. Minor adjustments were made to the menu since the last visit.

delifrance bread basket

Complimentary bread rolls oooohhhh-lala good! Let me just bask in its consistently fragrant, chewy bread! Still a fan of their breads, these lovely rolls replaced sliced baguette...still as yummmeh.
smoked chicken salad

Chicken salad, roasted capsicum, croutons, mixed green and basil dressing

Healthy fix with the myraid of colours that did not please the carnivore very much but I liked it though.

 escargots twice

I cannot find anything more french than escargots, duck confit and macarons.


Half dozen baked Burgundy snails with tomato and garlic butter

I find comfort in familiarity especially when the rest of the appetizers did not appeal. Same old, same old...escargots hidden under a blanket of tomatoes and garlic butter which I gladly mopped up with the baguette. Faultless execution, remains a personal favourite.


Pan seared beef tenderloin, pasta gratin with cheese, shallots confit and red wine sauce

Did not try but the friend gobbled this with so much satisfaction, it had to be something.

onglet beef

Pan seared onglet beef served with confit shallots and French fries

Consistently not a favourite, still. Way too salty for me for both the onglet beef and fries.


Seafood risotto with prawns, scallops and parsley

Risotto fan I am not, found this decent with the flavours well put together.

lamb confit...!

I was expecting more than a pie dish and a plate of salad.

lamb confit

Shredded confit of lamb with shallots, mashed potato, carrots and celery

Looked just like shepherd's pie and tasted exactly like it, only with shredded lamb! Tasty dish put together, actually liked the rocket salad that accompanied this.

creme brulee

Crème Brulée infused with fresh Madagascar vanilla beans

Still consistent and good, torched simple and sweet!

coconut panna cotta

Coconut parfait with passion fruit, red fruit coulis

Of the four desserts on the table, this was least outstanding with boring bland layers.

orange surprise

Orange delight with saffron fragrance and creamy Grand Marnier foam

I had no idea this dessert had that many layers; orange slices embedded in orange jelly, orange sorbet and Grand Marnier foam with orange zest and vanilla beans. You have to be a hardcore orange fan to love this, I'm so glad this was my dessert. Looooooooved it! Fullness of the foam to the zesty orange sorbet and refreshing orange wedges in jelly...nomnomnom. Orange delight, indeed!

grand marnier souffle

Orange and Grand Marnier soufflé with chocolate truffle

Morton's scared me off the souffle but APS redeemed with a stunning display; denser than Morton's the creaminess of the souffle was way too addictive.
Once again, choose your courses wisely. APS' service is attention not intrusive. I enjoyed lunch, great value indeed but I can't find another compelling reason to return so soon. Till then, Dempsey still remains a charming district...even in the afternoon.

Set Lunch $30++
Executive Set Lunch $48++

Au Petit Salut
Harding Road

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  1. I totally love APS's risotto! One of the best I've tried. Crème brulée's yummy too. Now I'm so craving their riso again...

  2. ditto on the creme brulee! freakin' addictive. I can just return for the creme brulee and bread rolls.