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Udders @ Siglap

Udders has made its way to the East which came as a pleasant surprise. I no longer have to travel half an island to GoldHill for it..I've been laying off Udders for awhile now after the few encounters with ice crystals that got me jaded. So if you have not heard about it, we've got one in the neighbourhood!

Creamy Caramel

I liked the fullness of the icecream, slight chewy texture and fragrance of the burnt seasalt.  Yet, it did not topple Azabu Sabo from its throne.

Mango Sorbet

Loved the mango hints well woven into the sorbet, would serve as an awesome palette cleanser anytime!

Soooo much better than the Goldhill outlet, strangely. At least there were no ice crystals embedded to mar the experience.

Fierce competition from Ice Cream Chefs which is quite some distance down the road. I find them complementary actually, ICC for the local flavours and light icecreams and Udders for the punch.

Starts from $3.70 per scoop.


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