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Pronto 2 @ Great World City

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Back at Pronto because of "1-for-1" mains special they were having.

Egg Benedict ($7)

Pronto pleases with all day Brunch dining too! Personally felt that was a nice move, hardly is brunch ever in the radar except for weekends and there are just those days that having brunch items after brunch time is so appealing.

Do not belittle Pronto, everything went well from the chewy muffins, tasty ham slices, rockets to the egg which could be runnier (or so the perfect eggs benny is supposed to be but I'm so not complaining). The fullness of the hollandaise sauce was matched with a bearable sour twang, job well done I say. Beats Riders' overhyped Benny hands down. 

Meatball Penne ($14.50)

Yummy attempt at pasta though the meatballs were unfortunately a tad over processed.

Roast Beef Pizza ($16.90)

I miss Al Forno's pizzas even more. Probably was a wrong choice of beef with pizza, normally beef is included in beefballs not slices. The bread base was a tad pasty and bland though overall it was decent.

1-for-1 mains, I totally cannot complain on the value. Brunch could very well be the next return!

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