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Octa Hotel @ Parco Millenia

The first time I heard about Octa Hotel I was very sure it was an accommodation option. Does not help that it was designed to look like one too! Very K Ki - Little Drom Store in terms of concept, this was Japanese-cute and French-country encapsulated in one place.

Cosy enough for a leisurely brunch/lunch.

The country prints that got the to-be-married couple all excited about their country-themed humble abode.

Sugar cubes that appeared cute, too.

Iced tea that was different from all the other iced teas out there. Something about it that did not taste like tea, in short, a refreshing and soothing beverage.

Hashed Beef and Rice ($15.90)

For a bigger portion, you'd have to top up $2. As a gauge, for a guy...bigger portions are definitely recommended. The guys regretted not going for the upsize upon seeing the portions.

This was in short, stewed beef rice. The beef was stewed so soft and loose, there were barely full chunks of beef but mostly shredded beef. Gravy was on the clumpy side.

Fromage Salmon Sandwich ($14.90)
Avocados, Spiced Cheese, Smoked salmon

Think thick and tall sandwiches. The toasted crusty bread held together a multitude of ingredients; creamy avocado, savoury spiced cheese and salty smoked salmon. To top it off, a layer of crunchy lettuce. Wholesome, hearty goodness. Corn chips gave chips a run, literally. Loving this!

French Toast 

A recommended item on the menu, this surprised all of us. Chewy french toast, despite the avalanche of whipped cream, mango sauce and honey drizzled all over. I was completed sold with the frozen berries used. The icy textures of the berries and chewy toast were complentary. How good was this? Slurpworthy good, the plate was licked clean...almost.

We saw the staff preparing goodies for a supposed upcoming party, think cake pops and macaron towers...they should be included in their 

Octa Hotel
Parco Millenia

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  1. nice ambience i must say. worth a pop now that let's sweets is flopping.

  2. heheh are you and r the soon-to-be married couple? if so, congrats! :)

  3. Omg I totally love the vege curry rice here! The Japanese pearl rice they use is fantastic! Try the parfaits next time, they're awesome. But remember to share coz they're the hugest even I was defeated hahaha. (:

  4. Passed by this place a few months back and i just couldnt help staring cuz i love its color! Silly right? :P

  5. @ huan: oh? let's sweets is?? Didn't think too much of it tho..go try octa!!

    @ stargirl: nahhhh not me. :)

    @ ice: love the pearl rice! Not a fan of the curry tho..i saw the parfaits on ur blog!!! But nobody wanted to share with me :(

    @ charlene: hehe...anything in that shade of blue will make a girl stare twice! Clever use of colour I say...go try octa with zhihao! It's totally your kinda place. ^^