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KOI Bubble Tea

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It once popped and now is back, with a vengeance so great. Possibly the most famous fad of all time, bubble tea seems to be the must have, must drink, must try beverage.

Jumping onto the bubble-wagon sooooo late, I regret to inform...I am hooked!

Hailing from land of original bubble tea, KOI is as authentic as it can get (or so I associate especially so when it comes direct!) The gf in Hongkong claims the same phenomenon with Gong Cha that also originates from Taiwan. Looks like the bubbles are ready to rule the world.

Place your order - take a queue number - wait.

Before you can even place your order, you have to decide what flavour and how much sugar. 0% for the sugar allergics to 100% for the sugar addicts. I sit on the fence with 50% Honey Milk Tea.

The KOI folks fill the cup with such generous ladle-fulls of pearls, I was already beaming within. It used to annoy me when I finished my pearls before the drink. I rememeber lamenting it would be ideal if every mouth had pearls and there was no end to it. I got my wish; every slurp had QQ if only the pearls were slightly bigger in size.

Their milk tea is milkier, stronger on the tea and so very yummy. I call it, the new age slurpee. :)

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  1. i love bubble tea :) try koi's bubble milk green tea!

  2. I was hooked too until my colleagues told me the way the pearls are processed are carcinogenic... Try to cut down though I know it is very addictive... =)

  3. @ stargirl: soon..soon! I tried the icecream version...pity the icecream could not be tasted that much.

    @ Fen: ohkaaaaaaay, now that is gg to put me off. :(

  4. I'm sorry but it is for your own good =) We can meet for better sweets...

  5. I prefer each a cup milk tea. Their pearls are much bigger too. haha
    Btw, you can choose your sugar level at each a cup too!

  6. I banned bubble tea in my life ever since I found out how I mysteriously put on 3kg in just over a month when the craze started more than 10? years ago. 2 cups a day no pearls no milk even. Imagine how much weight I would have put on if I had been hooked onto the pearls in bubble milk tea!

    haha is that enough to scare you? lolx.

  7. @ Fen: heh, the most unfortunate thing is...the yummiest stuff normally arent the healthiest.

    @ Angeline: YEAH! I realised that of late...everyone's following the "choose your level of sugar" tactic.

    @ Ice: I totally get you, was the case when the first bubble started. Those were the days I indulged in a daily cup! Ignorance definitely ain't bliss!