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Hue @ Amara Hotel

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Hue, pronounced Huay is a Vietnamese restaurant located at a corner of Amara Hotel. I'm admittedly not quite a fan of Vietnamese cuisine largely because of the copious amounts of raw veggies incorporated into their dishes despite being a hardcore veg fan.

I had the set dinner on a whim.

Chicken salad was served up as an appetizer, refreshing shredded chicken on a bed of what tasted like coleslaw without the cream. I liked how the meal began already.

The "appetizer platter" of stewed chicken, panfried fish with mango, shrimp springrolls and grilled prawns. A great pity these were served cold and limp, otherwise I quite liked the flavours put forth.

Saucer of dips to go with the appetizer.

Pho with a choice of beef, chicken or seafood. I had to go Vietnamese for this! Light flavourful broth with overly soaked soggy pho but tender beef slices. I wish this had more punch somehow or another...being such a traditional classic I was expecting far more.

Chempedak Creme Brulee that obviously was not Vietnamese. I seem to be getting a different kind of creme brulee served these days, this had the consistency of Overeasy's...very liquid on the inside though maintaining the custard firmness on top. Chempedak was not difficult to like though acquired.

Hue was barely filled for the night, it would pass off easily as a bar rather than a Vietnamese restaurant.

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