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Cedele Surprises

 Cloud9 is Cedeles's brand of icecream, made without Trans fat. Cloud9 I wish I would be on after consuming this lil post dinner treat.

Seasalt and Caramel

I took a leap of faith with this rather than Earl Grey and Fig icecream. Ice-cream cones to the amazing team of Cloud9 with different creations, at least they have not be replicated relentlessly across the other ice-cream-eries. (That's how Kaya Lottee's always so close to the heart with Icecream chefs).

This and Asabo Sabo's are the best of their own leagues and both have found a special place in my tum. Cedele's is almost like the evil twin at the extreme end of the other spectrum of deliciosity. Rich, buttery smooth and definitely prohibited on any diet alive. Best of all, the balance of caramel and seasalt is more defined for someone who adores strong flavours. That being said, I have to admit the creaminess does get to you towards the end but I'm still loving it so!

Asabo's is more inclined towards the lighter palettes but otherwise still delightful.

seasalt caramel

Update: I returned for seconds and thirds within a week!

gula melaka cake

Gula Melaka Pandan Cake ($5.80)

High expectations after the colleagues become instant converts after the first bite. My cake looked stiff when served though, as if it were sitting around for a good part of the day. Certainly tasted that way, the gula melaka frosting was coagulated whilst the pandan cake was dry despite the kaya jam spread in between. Not a fan somehow.

Already lusting for a return! I can almost hear Ice chanting "Try Tom's Palette!". ;P

Single scoop $3.50

Available at Great World City, Wheelock Place, Tanglin Mall and VivoCity.


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  1. haha i'm not a fan of cedele's sea salt caramel when I last tried it, maybe I should try it again. their earl grey and fig ice cream is very good, give it a go sometime!

  2. No... I wasn't going to say that... I was going to say that Cedele's Cloud 9 ice creams indeed surprised me with their rich, luscious & smooth texture. I don't think much of the sea salt caramel but I really like their earl grey & fig. Most recently I found a new love apricot yogurt ice cream! It's really creamy & yummy! with a good texture to boot!

  3. the ice cream looks great! any other notable flavours?

  4. @ stargirl: I did sample the earl grey and fig but the heart still swayed towards seasalt caramel. ;p Mebbe i shd head str8 for that next time!

    @ Ice: Apricot yogurt...Looking forward to trying that too! Dang, i wanna go back to cedele soon!

    @ huan: Heh, sure does! Have only tried seasalt in both cone and scoop, sampled earl grey and fig. At least those were the two that caught my attention in terms of flavours. Do give cloud9 icecream a try, you'd be surprised. :)