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Cafe on the Ridge @ NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

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The cantonese congee comprises of porridge cooked with meats. The teochew way however is just grains or with sweet potato. The visit to Cafe on the Ridge, reaffirmed how much of a Teochew I am in this aspect.  This open declaration of clearly non-cantonese preferences could get me banned from the province if I were back in the olden days.

Hot Pot Corner

Nan Joo Mixed Vegetables
Stewed Pork Trotters
Stewed Mei Cai with Duck
Minced Pork with Pickled Olives

Decent attempt on these must-haves.

Braised Dishes

Duck, Pork, Tau Pok, Egg, Pig's Intestines

I was impressed with the spread of braised meats. The chef would be on standby to chop up the ingredients from the cauldron-like pot. First attempt at pig's intestines and definitely the last, the gameyness was waaaaaaay over the top too much to bear. Otherwise, this braised platter matched up to the hearty hawker fare I am so familiar with.

Fried Silver Fish, Pork Floss

Luncheon Meat, Salted egg

Nothing to shout about, usual teo chew muay fare.


Fish cake, Sour vegetables, Preserved sausage, Black Dace Fish

Fried Clams with Bean in Leek Sauce, Roast Duck

Braised Eggplant in Sichuan Style, Ma Po Beancurd, Cauliflower

Spicy fish, Stewed chicken

Chye Poh Omelette, Ngoh Hiang, Prawn Fritters, Fish cake, 

Food in general was quite tasty and kept piping hot. Notable mentions that deserved repeats were the duck in particular. Loved the firm meat peppered with spices.

Green Bean Soup, a taste of Mom's kitchen. Liked how it was easy on the tum the same way teo chew muay always is. I have a penchant for slurping down bowls of porridge water.

Assorted Jelly

Ice Kachang

The best part about ice kachang it making it yourself. Balancing the bowl and ensuring the shaved ice falls nicely into a mountain, filling in the colour ingredients and lastly drizzling old school syrups all over.

A peek into my bowl of shaved ice.


Fruit Selection

Decent fare at decent prices, well worth the trip up in fact. The quality of spread is commendable for the price they are charging. The promotion is purportedly so popular, this is already a return of the original promotion. Prices have been increased by a fair bit or so I have been told.

Till Sept

Cafe on the Ridge

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  1. i love pig intestines! they won't taste too gamey if they're prepared properly, like at good kway chap stalls.

  2. heh im a non-intestine fan.. *yikes* heheeh....issit supposed to taste like tau ghee?

  3. not really. it's hard to describe how pig intestines taste haha! on the subject of pig offal...i love pig liver (:

  4. *chuckles* ok, im no fan of liver...well maybe goose liver. ;p