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Ootoya @ Suntec City

Ootoya at Orchard Central caused many hearts to flutter and tummies to rebel when it first opened. Till today the queues have put me off that outlet, imagine my delight when I realised Suntec has one too! Better still, without the crowds.

Ready to be wowed after all the raves I've read and heard.

Bluefin Tuna Carpaccio ($16)

The companions were takenaback at the portion, five measly pieces. Would not have been too bad if it was delish, came across as over the top salty.

Reminds me of beetroot jelly, somehow.

Katsu set of tonkatsu, potato croquette and fried egg. 

After several attempts of katsu at the non-katsu specialists, I've learnt to lower the expectations by a fair bit. Ootoya's katsu attempt surpassed all expectations with a light coat of batter and juicy chicken breast as well as mashed potato. 

Dipping sauce for....?

Soba that I'd recommend Shimbashi for. Ootoya's is dense and chewy and lacking in the slurp-o-factor. The ease of slurping was hampered somehow, not as silky as Shimbashi's.

Changed the green tea icecream for milk icecream in this yummy parfait. I truly get Ootoya's parfait. Creamy milk icecream, whole azuki beans, wobbly caramel jelly and sponge cake beneath. The beauty of Japanese desserts is discovering the layers. I mega adore how the sponge cake could retain its texture without being soggy despite the pile of ingredients atop.

The first was so good, I had to go for another! Did not fancy banana slices in this though, was too starchy. Otherwise, another yummy one!

Service was attentive and prompt. I would be back for its desserts someday!

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  1. ootoya at 313? i thought it was at orchard central. LOL.

  2. oh man. yet another mistake! thanks for pointing it out...i always get them mixed up!!