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Mr Bean Soya Bean Curd

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Those were the days where the Dad would drive all of us down to Geylang for the famous soyabean and fried doughsticks, where the fastest butt would get the family a table and all things sweet and happy would ensue. After a freak accident of the car getting the windows smashed and the Grandma's newly bought undies were stollen, it was forbidden ground.

I always liked Mr Bean because of its tubby mascot, its rotund belly and cutest smile...they've even got plushies for the fanatics. 

Soyabean curd ($1.20)

Not as silken smooth and wobbly as Selegie's, this was more curd infact. Not the bestest, not the cheapest but on a rainy day, this was the bestest antidote to freezing office temperatures.

Mr Bean

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  1. Ah, Mr Bean! If i feel like I wanted to gorge on chips but i'm on a diet, I would get grass jelly soy milk and hubby gets their soybean ice cream :) hahaha Our Singapore life :) I'm definitely missing it!

  2. should've gone for their pancakes instead! ")

  3. i love mr beans soft serve soy ice cream:)