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A Macaron Trail: Dalloyau @ Galeries Lafayette, Paris

10:26 AM , 4 Comments

From waffles to schneeballs to macarons, the trails are never ending. The last of the macaron series, Dalloyau was an unintended visit. To be honest, I have a soft spot for dual coloured macarons.

Sizing up against the big brudder, Pierre Herme. See how Dalloyau measures up!

Intensite d'un cafe corse
Cognac fine champagne remy martin
Abricot Pistache

Intense flavours from Dalloyau, a crowd pleaser by infusing alcohol into the macarons...a first of the handful of macarons attempted. I adore how French macarons have flavours so adventurous and they are so delicately flavoured...the flavours are solid throughout the macaron and not artificially flavoured.

Dalloyau ranks high if not close to Pierre Herme, closer than Laduree I say.

5,20 € for four


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  1. Dalloyau!! I'm terribly jealous! Did you try their famous Opera cake? This is one cake I must eat before I die. It's a must & hopefully I get to.

  2. it was only after I came back that you posted on opera!! *what a waste* ;( It was entirely macaron-macaron-macaron.

    have you locked your blog? ;x i miss reading ur entries!

  3. oh yes before I forget. It's strawberry tart day every wed at kki! so call to reserve your tarts. (: check their fb for updates!

  4. ive been following their tart days but they only allow pickup after 3pm!! :( Unless I scoot off half way during work or try to catch them before they close...i MUST lay my hands on them soon!