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Zeiss @ Frankfurt Haupbanof, Germany

The unpredictable weather rendered us quite hopeless when it came to looking for food. Hauptbanof Main Station was godsent in the form of a food court equivalent! Walking around looking for dinner could be quite a nervewrecking affair, especially deciding what to have! Zeiss is quite popular in Frankfurt with stalls like these at various train stations. Perfect for takeaways with their prompt service.

Bratzwurst (2,50€)

Sandwiched between two halves of a crispy baguette-like bun, the bratzwurst is meaty and wonderfully flavoured...German mustard has a certain fieryness about it. All in, super satisfying.

Currywurst (2,5€)

Comparatively, this was a letdown. The overpowering curry powder was too much for bland currywursts.

Pork Knuckle (3,60€)

We thought we stumbled upon the cheapest Pork Knuckle! Visually it resembled the heavenly one at Adolf Wagner, taste wise it was worlds apart...literally. The meat was clearly preserved and was too salty. The meat had a reddish hue and was too soft to pass off as pork. Not a fan of this.

Patronize Zeiss only if you need a takeaway quick bite, not for proper wholesome dinners.


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  1. I come from Taiwan, my family and I went to buy three times when we stayed in Frankfurt for only five days. We are all like their Pork Knuckles. (the last time we bought there was the 3rd of July 2012, 3,90€ for each)