Thursday, July 29, 2010

Traditional German Breakfast @ Adler Hotel

Nothing beats homecooked breakfast and we had the privilege of traditional german breakfast at Hotel Adler, a friendly family run hotel.

Miss Wiki defines German breakfast.

The typical German breakfast consists of bread rolls, butter, jam, ham, soft-boiled eggs and coffee. Cereals have become popular, and regional variation is significant — cheeses, cold cuts, meat spreads, yogurt, granola and fruit (fresh or stewed) may appear, as well as eggs cooked to order (usually at smaller hotels or bed-and-breakfasts).

Let's see how authentic Hotel Adler's German breakfast is...

German cheeses...

Very cafe-like setting.

This is what I call a big breakfast.

German bread is worlds apart from French and Belgian, they are crispier and lighter but at the expense of dryer and coarser bread.

Loved the pate that I squeezed like toothpaste.

Muesli for the health conscious.

Yogurt that was significantly watered down, tasted almost like sauce.

Tested and proven.

Hearty breakfast served us well for a day of walking...homecooked and traditional. I was surprised there was no greasy food in sight, no omelettes nor bacon nor their famous frankfurters.

Hotel Adler


  1. i love pate, pity it's not cheap in sg! is that strawberry jam and buttercream i see in the german bread?

  2. I will squeeze that pate straight into my mouth.

  3. @ stargirl: heh, that's swiss roll i think?

    @ ice: *shucks* i should've done JUST that!