Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lion Chocolate Bars

Made by Nestle, Lion Bars are everywhere in Frankfurt. They dominate the candy department on the super mart shelves. Wafer, caramel and crisp cereal coated with chocolate makeths the Lion Bar. Travelling by train is the commonest mode of transport between cities and snacking on board the trains was a "must do" for me...just like popcorn or kachang puteh and movies.

Hop on to the dark side....

Thick and rich...the chocoholic was nodding in delight.

Limited edition White Lion! Was uber thrilled to find the white version after watching the chocoholic chomp hers down whilst I winced in envy.

Deeeeeelish! Surprisingly, despite the copious amounts of sweetened ingredients this was barely cloying! Loved the crunchy cereal within...I wish I lugged back a box of these!

0,7€, dark Lion
1,4€, white Lion 


  1. i wish i had space in my luggage to lug home more stuff too! but that would probably mean exceeding the max amount of processed food one is allowed to bring into sg haha

  2. TOTALLY nodding my head in agreement. :P sigh. I shd've just shipped a carton home!