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Hollhorst Konditerei @ Frankfurt, Germany

The curse of the droolsome window displays continued to follow us all the way to Frankfurt, giving us an added reason to check it out.

We met the quaintest, oddest, queerest counterstaff in the whole trip. She would listen for your order, move stealthily, pass you the order without ever murmuring a word nor looking at you. Perhaps she lived with a cat, perhaps she was shy...the encounter with her somehow was the highlight of the visit to this cakeshop.

Kaseltorte (1,90 €)

The cafe's got limited space for moving around, simply standing and eating. Supposedly cheesecake but this was miles away from Rothenburg's, it had a mousse-like texture instead and was on the bland side. Another tick down the list of to do; have tea at a cafe! 

Hollhorst Konditerei  
Near Romer

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