Friday, July 30, 2010

First Class on SBahn Train from Frankfurt to Paris

Trains like airplanes have different class of travel. Apart from more leg space and comfy-er cabins, food is also provided on certain routes! For some providers, the difference between First and Second class is marginal. Enough horror stories about being robbed on trains, I booked ourselves first class travel from Frankfurt to Paris bearing in mind the number of luggages (that had grown exponentially with the days spent)  we had!

Breakfast that looked like it came from the kitchens of aircraft. Even the cutlery and plates matched! Unlike the commercial flights, there was no choice but just one offering. Cold cuts with cheese and bread rolls and yogurt drink.

After this trip, I learnt to appreciate cold food more. It was actually quite filling and delicious.

Pretzels for the peckish.

Not willing to sound like a noob but the facilities on first class are definitely way better than second class! Toilets included. :P


  1. i'm a sucker for dried sausages (cold food). Haha And it's so cheap here. Haha

    I remember my first train experience was from Amsterdam to Paris, and my first time to taste Brie, which made me hate it but now i definitely love it.

  2. haha everything expensive here is cheap where they originated from! ESP cheeses that totally threw me off guard. 85 euro cents for cheese? that was just insane!

    Can I mail myself over? hehe.