Monday, July 26, 2010

Der Backer Eifler Le Cafe @ Hauptbanof Station, Frankfurt, Germany

I figure by the end of the 5 days spent in Frankfurt, we would have patronised all of the food outlets within Hauptbanof Main Station...the cafes cater alot to alot more takeaways than dining in somehow, given how everyone seems to dash in and out of the train station.

I could not resist an apple streusel bread to takeaway one evening which doubled up as supper. No major surprises though the streusel bits are the only bits that I relish, the dry bread was a letdown unfortunately.

Der Backer Eifler Le Cafe


  1. how come you didn't gain weight even though you ate so much during your vacation? :) I know why...because the cooler the place, more calories you burn...(a good excuse for me) haha I'm eating like a monkey here.

  2. hahah lorraine, the clothes are deceiving! ;p trust me, i did...quite heftily.

    what's the climate now?

  3. well the coldest is 20 degrees. Still not so bad...but i was just amaze by my eating habits here...:)

  4. ahhhh 20 degrees...that's just awesome weather! eating habits were obviously stretched in europe.