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Asiagourmet @ Hauptbanof Station, Frankfurt, Germany

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Chopsticks and takeaway boxes sparked off an interest in Asian food in Europe. I know...I know...I should never attempt Asian food in a Non-Asian country. The Dad has a queer diehard China-man mentality (no matter where he is, think Singapore Fried Rice in Korea!) and lucky or not..his persistence always brings us on food adventures.

The takeaway box that is uber duper mega cute! The kinda that Spotlight sells for wedding favours. Opened by a Vietnamese, the noodles are wokfried with a large pair of chopsticks and are then repackaged in these cute boxes.

One word: Ack.

Sweet and sour soggy noodles, in short. To think the Germans slooshed and slurped them up in the most oiishii manner ever whilst waiting for the trains...I must have been deluded.


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  1. Ha! I would love to experience eating in a stereotyped takeaway box though!

  2. TOTALLY get you! it's just about eating from the box that is so novel!