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Willy Wonka's Dream: Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier @ Brussels, Belgium

"My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex."
- Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone should have amended the European bit to Belgium.

Handmade gourmet chocolate ticks in Belgium. Nearly every conceivable store has an irresistible row of them. Netizens have been kind to point me in the direction of Wittamer and Pierre Marcolini for the Holy Grail.

Read away as I'll whisk you on every chocolate aficionado's dream of an almost complete chocolate journey in Brussels, the land not fit for those on hardcore diets.

Spot one of them? Nested snug in the posh surroundings of W Hotel I think?

I had to snoop around with the pictures, away from the prying eyes of the nice and warm lady over the counter who insisted, absolutely no photography within the shop.

Anyhow, stepping into Pierre Marcolini leaves me dizzy with delight. Rows and rows, shelves and shelves..the options are neverending.

Thank you for remembering the White lovers too, Pierre Marcolini! I cannot imagine the damage I would have done had I been a proper chocolate lover.

Mendiant Blanc (10,50€)

Wiki says...
"A traditional French confection composed of a chocolate disk studded with nuts and dried fruits representing the four mendicant or monastic orders of the Dominicans, Augustinians, Franciscans and Carmelites. Usually found during Christmas, recipes for this confection have veered away from the traditional combination of nuts and fruits to other combinations incorporating seeds, fruit peels and other items."

WOW. What a history.

I found this too sweet when I had this in Brussels. Upon returning home, these were oddly, not so sweet anymore. Perhaps the palette had gotten used to the level of sugar. Love the bits of fruit and nuts that give this chocolate bar additional bite. Smooth chocolate though not as milky as the non-whites.

Blanc (6€)

I could not resist bringing back a box just for the sake of it. Peppered with gorgeous vanilla bean specs, the chocolate has a lovely velvety finish. Find me odd but there is a distinct vanilla taste when the beans are used and for this chocolate, it was heaven. Way better than the Mendiant!

Chocolate Selection (3€)

Starting from the flaming red heart anticlockwise;

Coeur Frambroise; Fresh raspberry Ganache with a lemon zest twist
Quatre Epices; Soft chocolate caramel and a blend of four spices
Baies Roses; Bitter ganache flavoured with Maroccan pink pepper berries
Calin Fondant; Almond praline, quimper flaky wafer and caramel blended with fresh Tahitian vanilla
Praline Citron; An almond praline sharpened up with a hint of lemon juice and zest of lemon

Comparatively much cheaper than the boxed up. These are wildly adventurous with the flavours, smooth chocolate but lacking in the wow factor. The chocoholic termed them "forgettable."

All their sweets are packed in black or white, which is visually very sleek. I liked that enough to pack home a couple of boxes for souvenirs.

Pierre Marcolini is worth a visit just because it is one of the most famous around. I hear they have made their mark in Tokyo even!

Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier
Avenue Louise 75M
1050 Bruxelles

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