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Willy Wonka's Dream: Neuhaus @ Brussels, Belgium

Say hello to the "Inventor of the Belgium Praline". The "praline" is a bite-size filled chocolate, a Neuhaus' invention dating back 1912, as defined by Nthem.

An old English charm to Neuhaus' outlet as compared to the cosier ones encountered earlier in the stretch.

What miffed me to the max is discriminatory service by a fellow Asian. With an uppity air and condescending glances, the exchange was almost bone-chilling.

Starting from the bottom....

Manon Chocolate Vanille - one of the classics amongst Neuhaus' pralines
Madagascar vanilla buttercream, whole pecan nut

Desdemone - one of the latest collections
Vanilla fresh cream, roasted hazelnut gianduja

Hand-made nougatine, filled with a dark,chocolate Peruvian chocolate ganache (68% cocoa) and covered in dark chocolate

Manon Sucre Vanille
Madagascar vanilla butter cream, whole pecan nut and traditional nougatine piece decoration.  Fork-dipped in vanilla confectioner's sugar.

One word: Floored. The last encounter with Neuhaus' boxed chocolates left me shifting camp to Godiva. This time round, I was impressed by the richness of their chocolates, the fine touches and strangely so, I liked the cream based ones here!


Galerie De La Reine 25
1000 Bruxelles 

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