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Willy Wonka's Dream: Chocopolis @ Brussels, Belgium

Chocopolis, was the first chocolate stop on the day all sightseeing was done. Strategically located at the beginning of the route to most attractions, Chocopolis attracts with wide open doors.

They also have an open kitchen for you to watch chocolates being made. Chocopolis is pretty much like Cocoa Tree locally, that also stocks a variety of chocolate brands as well.

"Every visitor gets to sample one", the sweet guy over the counter offered. 

Out of obligation, we chose 4 pralines for takeaway.
The perils of the Asian reciprocity.

4 pralines (2,40€)

Smooth sweet chocolate shells with an equally creamy filling.

Grasmarkt 110 Rue du Marche aux Herbes
Brussel 1000 Bruxelles

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. i feel inclined to purchase things from shops if i'm given samples too. guess it's only polite to do so!