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Dutch Waffles - Stroopwafels

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Loosely translated as syrup waffles, these are Holland's interpretation of the world famous doughy ones. A friend introduced these to me years back during her travels to Netherlands and the first bite shocked the molars - sweet beyond comprehension. First timers usually gawk at its sugar levels but subsequently, the battle is lost and I join the legions of fans in Association of Stroopwafel Addicts! Stroopwafels originate from Gouda in Netherlands and are sold in both markets and supermarts. It would have been ideal if I could spare time to drop by Albert Cyupmarket for fresh ones but beggars (really) can't be choosers.

The only ones I could find from Albert Hejin, a chain of supermarts in Amsterdam. Packed in tens, the wafer biscuits were honeyed with a layer of chewy caramel...yum yum yum...Stop at one? I could not find the heart to resist. I lugged back additionals but these were soon polished off as well.

A different interpretation of stroopwafels, a more biscuity version (think digestive biscuits) that crumbles so easily. Still prefering the original!

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  1. I haven't tried that biscuit-y version...I love stroopwafels too :)

  2. heh, you'd have plenty of chance to try when you move over to holland!!