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Doner Company @ Brussels, Belgium

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When it comes to minority cuisines in Europe, I was takenaback to know how wildly popular Middle Eastern and African food is, tossing aside all the perceptions about it. Turkish, Libyan and even Ethiopian food  have gained some form of standing in Europe. On the other hand, Asian cuisines with the exception of Japanese, seems to have had a slower following.

Stand around tables made only for quick eaters.

Doner shops like these are found throughout Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and also Paris. Doner Kebabs are toasted pita bread with sliced meat, usually lamb.

I had the Chicken Doner (2,50 ).  There was a flurry of activity before my doner was put together, the swift picking actions of the server from a tray of at least 6 different types of raw vegetables, squirting of cream sauces and ta-dah! Ready to eat.


Sums it up pretty much with that expression. Lean chicken patty with tons of refreshing cut veggies and mayo that more or less ruins any diet. Oh, love the crispy toasty pita.

One verdict: Move over Subway.

Doner Company
Just outside the Centrale Station

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