Monday, May 31, 2010

A Waffle Story: Funambule Waffles

This would rank as one of the waffle shops with lingering queues. True Singaporean instinct kicked in; queue means something good. Most if not everyone else apart from us headed for waffles with toppings, perhaps I should have tried but honestly, soggy waffles are not quite my thing.

These were served up on a plastic plate, made for difficult eating as compared to being sandwiched between crepe paper.

I was not impressed. Too soft infact for a Belgian Waffle, this could pass off as a better alternative to QBread's instant waffles but surely not for Belgium. This looked undercooked and tasted most certainly so. Slightly sticky consistency was a major giveaway.

Once again, queues hardly mean a thing in Brussels.

Funambule Waffles


  1. Phoebe, you're becoming a waffles expert! I like waffles quite a lot so hope you can sound out the good ones here in sg! ;)

  2. taste is really subjective harris! sure I will...have yet to try the liege waffles at golden mile..wanna see how close they are to the real thing as claimed!