Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake

Sara Lee's butter pound cake was one of those successes of television advertising that left fond memories etched deeply in the mind. The familiar telly commercial goes as follows; A little girl would invite her friends over for tea to play and her mom would cut a Sara Lee butter pound cake for tea. As simple as it sounds, the happy images and whole idea of tea already appealed to me at a tender age of 4.

Tempted by the instant strawberry cheesecake. Looks as advertised! Would pass off as a homemade non-baked cheesecake once you remove the aluminum casing.

Unlike the cloying cheesecake, Sara Lee's  a healthier alternative to sinful cheesecake, light like yogurt! The tart base is a tad too soft though.

Still preferring the sinful cousin.

Pictures taken with Nikon D5000.


  1. heehee i just wolfed down another half of this cheesecake at one go two days ago again xD

  2. it's quite easy to polish off given its guiltless finish. :P

  3. haha Sara Lee cakes those were part of my childhood as a luxury item then.

    We would buy it when we got money to spare and as a treat for ourselves.

  4. i see we belong to the same era! *chuckles*

  5. I wonder if u can get this in KL... i've trued it while in singapore... but unfortunately i've looked high low in all hypermarkets like jusco, giant, carrefour n cold storage too n none has them. Any idea if u know where to get these?.

  6. @abie: oops I'm really not's available almost everywhere in SG.